The Caribbean is known for beaches, sun and tasty food. Caribbean cuisine was born out of necessity and creativity of the Islanders to utilize the abundance of fresh fruits and produce.

Seafood is quite prominent in the island cuisines; fresh herbs and spices are used to prepare some of the Caribbean most famous curries and stews; and is used to Prepare famous dishes like Jerk, and Pepperpot which are both eaten in several of the Islands.

Back A Yard’s Cuisine is based mainly on Jamaican Cuisine the use of our popular jerk sauce and Coconut milk is synonymous with the style of Cooking in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean. Traditional dishes are so important to regional culture that, for example, the local version of Caribbean goat stew has been chosen as the official national dish of Montserrat and is also one of the signature dishes of St. Kitts and Nevis. Another popular dish in the Anglophone Caribbean is called "Cook-up", or Pelau. Ackee and Salt Fish is another popular dish that is unique to Jamaica.


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