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CASHIERS NEEDED - Lunch & Dinner Shifts

Stop in & fill out an application, call 408-603-0652 or SEND resume to

Back A Yard Capitol


14.00 per hour + Tips. A great job for individuals that want to grow with a Company.

Apply online – Email your resume to

Apply in Person @ 1011 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose.

Offering a 90 day Sign on Bonus - $500 .00.

Come work with us and Collect your bonus after 90 days.

Back A Yard Menlo Park

PM Dishwasher

PM Prep Cook and Pantry Cook

Back A Yard Catering

Head Baker/Pastry Chef

Full-time job

Want to take your experience to another level? Come and join a Catering operation with a Bakery, you will be responsible for making some desserts and breads used on premise and in the restaurant. Bring an open mind, and gain valuable experience through mentorship with a trained Chef.

Must have some high volume experience, able to multi task, plan your inventory, create orders and meet the need of the operation.

Strong Organizational skill-set is required, must be able to read recipes, scale according to size and apply basic math to solve some issues.

1011 E Capitol Expy
San Jose, CA 95121-2415

To Apply

E-mail cater(at) or visit us in person

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